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Hello! I’m a second year BESS student and I’ve joined B.bias to delve into the psychological, cognitive, and cultural aspects that influence the human decision-making process. I’m particularly interested in the application of Behavioural Economics in the public sector and in the analysis of policies in terms of the principles that guide people’s behaviour. I’ve always loved writing and I hope to share engaging insight on this fascinating field through my articles!


I am a second year BESS student at Bocconi University. I have always been passionate about everything related to human behavior, so I was very excited when I discovered the world of behavioral sciences, where economics, psychology, sociology and many more disciplines work together to get a better understanding of the world we live in. I joined B.Bias starting from my first semester at Bocconi and I think it is the perfect association to deepen this matter and meet other people with the same interests.


Hi, I’m Liyana. I’m a second year BIEM student. I’m from India and grew up in Thailand. I initially joined B.Bbias as part of the graphics division but have since then have branched into the blog division.


I am a AFC student, passionate about music and cooking! Although my studies are not strictly related to social sciences, since when I jumped into Behavioral Economics I found it to be a very interesting topic, but I ultimately fell in love with it thanks to “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. Being curious, I love to know what stands behind decision making processes, and this is why I love Behavioral Finance.


I am a second year BEMACS student interested in many areas of human knowledge, among which, of course, behavioral science, which I think actually relates to many other fields. This is the reason why I am part of the blog team at B.bias: to deepen my knowledge and my perspective on the subject and then share what I’ve learned with the readers!


Hi, I’m Andrea, a second year Management student. I consider myself an extrovert person, always keen to meet new people. My passions include trekking, cycling and all the sport in which you can have a contact with nature and beautiful places. I’ve always been fascinated by what there’s inside our minds and how we take decisions, therefore I hope to give a valid contribute to B.bias thanks to my curiosity about the field of Behavioural Science.


More than external successes or visible perceptions, I am mostly interested about the hidden, untold work behind a certain project, action or decision. The daily routine behind a successful enterprise, the little details of a successful economic policy or even the slight design change in a public building which facilitates customer flow. Small steps in the present amounting to giant leaps in the future.



One thing I’ve always loved about people is how much they can be different in everything they think and do. Even when there is a unique solution to whatever problem, it has always amazed me the fact that there are multiple ways to come to it. This is why the usual assumptions of economics always left me with a sense of incompleteness. When I found out about Behavioral Economics I immediately loved it and the idea of helping people make the right decisions while preserving their uniqueness is certainly the thing that excites me the most.


I have always been interested in the way people interact with the world around them. I believe the study of the economics should not be limited to just people, markets and the government. Through BE and this blog, I hope to share some interesting insights on how decision-making and human interactions can be better understood and appreciated.


I came from Brazil to Milan two years ago to study Economics and Social Sciences. In this period, I got interested in the boundaries of economics, and how other subjects, such as psychology, could shine a new light onto standard models. Behavioral economics surely fits the description. It makes the definition of Economics more blurry, and certainly more interesting. I am also interested in development economics, Network Sciences, and in making scientific knowledge have a real impact on society as a whole.


Hello! I’m a third-year student in International Economics and Finance. Inspired by the neuropsychology classes I took in high school, I joined B.Bias to delve into the field of behavioural economics: using phycological insights to enrich economic theory to better understand the world around us and improve society. I find our work at B.Bias enhances what I learn at Bocconi, helping me to integrate my knowledge in different disciplines, opening me up to new perspectives, and forcing me to think critically and carefully about my behaviour, its drivers, and its consequences. I love languages, travelling, coffee, and long philosophical discussions about trivialities.


I’m a third year student in International Politics and Government. I’ve always found fascinating understanding what are the thoughts behind people’s actions and how these are influenced by unconscious mechanisms. Through approaching behavioral sciences I got to satisfy my curiosity and I discovered how this field in continuous evolution could offer me a different perspective to the study of politics, economics, and sociology. Through joining my passion for behavioral economics and writing, I wish to share some useful insights about cognitive processes concerning daily life, current events, and global issues.


I’m a Msc student in ESS who is curious and passionate about socio-economic issues. In my spare time you can catch me reading a book or two. I came across the world of behavioral economics during my bachelor in economics and finance. I felt an instant curiosity for the subject as the traditional economic theories have always felt too abstract and far from reality to me. Discovering more, I’ve realized how deeply cognitive biases pervade our daily lives and shape our reality. I believe that a deeper understanding of the field can improve personal decision making, social interactions and policy design.


Graduated in Business Administration and Management with honors at Bocconi with the final dissertation ‘Behavioral Economics, the fall of the Homo Oeconomicus’, he now attends the MSc in International Management, also at Bocconi.

Francesco Di Bella

The finance whiz who first encountered BE during a course on security analysis. Fascinated by the influence of Kahneman and Tversky on investment decision theory, he took the plunge into the world of Behavioural Finance and now heads the “Irrational Investments” section of our humble blog. But he’s not just about the money and the numbers- he’d be happy to hold a deep conversation on Politics and History too!

Giacomo Gagliardi

He became interested in behavioral econ during high school, when he read Predictably Irrational for the first time. He was amazed by how our brain betrays us on a daily basis, and he wanted to know more. His latest focus is on Neuroeconomics, a new and controversial field, to which he hopes to contribute.

Maddalena Grignani

Backpack traveller, art galleries addict and soccer player. After a summer spent within a microfinance organization in Mexico, she realized that the agents of the models studied in class were not quite like the Mexican wavers she had dealt with and fell into the arms of behavioural economics. After the discovery, she stressed everyone with it so much, that now even her grandma knows about loss aversion and related nudges. She is interested in development economics and all cultural and behavioural facts that might help.

Roberta Montesano

Behavioral Economics wasn’t new to her before joining B.BIAS, as the field was “officially” introduced to her by a professor during an exchange in the US. What she likes the most about Behavioural Economics is that it challenges the common understanding of human behaviour and brings it to the next level. As Dan Ariely puts it: “We all want explanations for why we behave as we do and for the ways the world around us functions” – and Behavioural Economics is definitely one of the best ways to get a better grasp of the reality that surrounds us.

Elisa Navarra

A girl who’s curious about the world and why things happen, with brave plans to further explore the world of Economics by doing a Master. In BE, she hopes to find solutions to questions unanswered in her traditional Econ courses. In keeping with her thirst to know the world better, she loves travelling and exploring new places in her free time!


I have always been concerned with social and economic inequality issues. Following a course at Bocconi, I became interested in BE and in the world that it opened: it felt like wearing new glasses that allow to interpret social phenomena and behaviors in a completely different way. To me, writing about traditional problems, with a fresh and innovative perspective, is the first step to take in order to solve them.

Carolina Leroy

Ever since reading “Freakonomics”, she’s realized that traditional economic models just don’t cut it anymore today. By digging deeper, she found out about BE and how it makes economics much more realistic and credible. She wants to explore different type of nudges and is curious to see how well they pair with more traditional economic tools to maximize efficiency.

Costanza de Gradi

A very curious person with the passion of travelling, she would be around the world with a backpack all the time if she could. She’s always been very fascinated by psychology and human behavior, so what could be better than combining economics with some insights on how our brain works? In the future she hopes to continue studying topics concerning the challenging world of Behavioural Economics.

Margaux Michel

Her curiosity started as she was just a kid, sometimes placing her parents in an embarrassing situation in which they did not know the answer to questions such as “Why do inequalities exist?”. Asking questions has always been the easiest part but finding answers is harder… until she discovered the BE community. Through discussions and articles she believes she may have found the perfect solution.