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The Happiness Amount

Introduction  From a young age, we are told to work hard to find a well-payed job, as to be able to live a fulfilling life. However, there is no set rule for how much money it takes to be happy, although, we as a society have a general understanding of the value of a humane […]

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Moneyball: How sabermetrics changed baseball forever

Moneyball It is September 4th, 2002. Oakland Athletics, a Major League Baseball team, wins its 20th consecutive game – the highest score in history. All that, besides having one of the lowest budgets in the season with a team composed of unknown players. So how did they achieve such, as it would seem, an impossible […]

Book Reviews

Wholeness for Wellness: No Bad Parts review

Remember how often you have done something that felt like going against yourself. Visualize a situation where you have been taken hostage by emotions, led by a blind force that drove your mind through future regrets -it could be a life-changing decision or a daily choice. It has happened to everyone to feel like they […]

Irrational Investments and Behavioural Finance

A SAD Stock Market Cycle – How the seasons of the year affect investor behavior 

It is well known that many external factors and personal biases affect investors and make them behave irrationally. But did you know that even the seasons of the year can affect investor behavior?  The important factor that changes over the seasons of the year is the length of the day, so how many hours of sunlight there […]

Philosophy and Literature

The other side of Behavioral Economics: old and new, a theoretical dispute

If the history of economic thought is a succession of new mainstreams, the current predominant school of thought is undoubtedly Behavioral Economics. Models introducing cognitive limitations of agents are now increasingly spreading and, even in those economic domains where there is more reluctance towards this approach, behavioral considerations are still part of the debate. If the […]

Technology and Algorithms

Filter bubbles: a delicate interaction between algorithms and human bias

If you use any social media, you have probably noticed how different and unique your feed is from the one of your friends. The same is true for your Amazon recommendations, Netflix suggestions, Google News homepage, and so on. In the last years, almost every online company has adopted increasingly sophisticated algorithms that analyze users’ […]

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Inside The Mind of A Finance Bro 

“Steely nerves and patience, a ruthless and tactical game plan, lots of compromises, and the ability to shrug off feelings of utter despair…” That is how The Times magazine describes a successful investor: a superhuman fully in control of himself and his undesired emotions. Here we should ask the question: what about the biases?  Can […]


Climate change exists but it won’t affect me personally… or will it?

How cognitive, attentional, and perceptive biases affect our approach to climate change In the 21st century, climate change is one of the biggest threats to society as we know it. Far from being just a scientific phenomenon – the increase of the mean global temperature from pre-industrial levels – it has deeply rooted economic, social, […]

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Is the world as in(equal) as we believe? 

Is inequality as high/low as you believe it to be? Are your perceptions biased in any way? Do you think your beliefs are based on real data or broad assumptions you formed? Actual levels of inequality and citizens’ (mis)perceptions of those levels often differ significantly. Individuals’ estimates are consistently much lower than the actual level […]

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From Activism to Slacktivism: How Social Media Affected Support for Social Causes

Recently, the so-called “social justice” slideshows and images have dominated our instagram feeds and stories. It seems as if adding a filter to profile pictures or sharing a ten slide powerpoint on a story is our generation’s response to every social injustice or political issue happening in the world. Online petitions, filters on social media, […]