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Inside The Mind of A Finance Bro 

“Steely nerves and patience, a ruthless and tactical game plan, lots of compromises, and the ability to shrug off feelings of utter despair…” That is how The Times magazine describes a successful investor: a superhuman fully in control of himself and his undesired emotions. Here we should ask the question: what about the biases?  Can […]

Everyday Life

House vs. The Mind: Are You Tricked Into Gambling?

Think of a fun place to be: free drinks and snacks, attractive and flirty personnel, bright lights, and a sense of luxury… Guess what? You ended up in a casino! Speaking of the devil, everybody knows that casinos make you spend more than you are intended to. The mystery is: how do they do it? […]

Politics and Public Policy

Behavioral politics: Do we shape the polls or do they shape the vote?

On January 3rd, 2008 in Iowa, Obama took a huge step towards being elected as the 44th president of the USA. It was the night of the first Democratic primary and Obama was sitting at the victory throne with 38% of the Democratic vote, leaving John Edwards in the second line with 30%  and Hillary […]