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Is the world as in(equal) as we believe? 

Is inequality as high/low as you believe it to be? Are your perceptions biased in any way? Do you think your beliefs are based on real data or broad assumptions you formed? Actual levels of inequality and citizens’ (mis)perceptions of those levels often differ significantly. Individuals’ estimates are consistently much lower than the actual level […]

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Nutrition misinformation: the truth behind what we eat

How many times have you wished to find a diet which could allow you to lose weight without any effort required? People are often driven by the false hope that they can easily achieve maximum results with minimum effort. Nutrition misinformation is based on this common belief and on the easiness with which individuals are persuaded by fake news, misleading advertisements and […]

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More insects, less bias: Towards overcoming cultural differences

An overconsumption of meat and increasing pressure on land and water resources is making it challenging to feed a population that is growing at a faster pace than the food supply chain. The over-exploitation of agricultural resources and the natural ecosystem is contributing to severe issues such as global warming, food insecurity and mineral depletion. […]