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Adapting to the Destitute Situations: Poverty Cues Lead to Short-Term Choice

Review of a paper by Liu, Feng, Suo, Lee, Li (2012) In previous posts (“Scarcity”, “Through the psychology of poverty”), we showed how scarcity affects the way people consider problems and take decisions. Although scarcity may concern many kinds of goods, including even available time, in this article we will consider only the lack of […]

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The Increasing Challenge of Mental Health Problems

The key assumption in neoclassical economic theory is that individuals are perfectly capable of taking rational decisions, translated into the homo economicus ideal-type. But what happens if individuals are not in perfect health and have their decision-making process threatened? Lately, much has been discussed about the rise in mental health issues, especially among youngsters. In […]

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“Scarcity”: a book review

Review of “Scarcity”