The Association

Dear Reader,

B.BIAS (Bocconi Behavioural Insights Association of Students), was created in October 2016 at Bocconi University in Milan, to promote discussions on Behavioural Economics. We provide a free and open space for members to share their views, express opinions and have debates. One of our main activities is having regular discussions on the latest research in various fields of BE. The topics covered are vast and varied, since Behavioural Economics is now almost omnipresent. We categorise meetings by theme (e.g.: Development Economics, Public Policy, Finance, Marketing, etc.) and analyse papers that use behavioural insights in these areas.

Apart from this, we also have regular “guest lectures” by both Bocconi Professors (for members only) as well as external speakers (usually open to the entire Bocconi community).

We also try to move beyond theoretical discussions, by trying to design and possibly implement “nudges” for various issues we face around us.

This blog is an attempt to not only showcase the work we do, but also provide interesting news and content on Behavioural Insights to fellow BE enthusiasts.  We hope you will enjoy it!


The Board

Francesca Colombi, President

Isha Induchudan, Vice-President

Gad Nacamulli and Arash Sabzevari, Co-heads of External Events

Mateusz Tokarczuk and Katarina Lazarevic, Co-heads of Internal Events

Mario Alberto Grillo and Annalisa Pezone, Co-heads of Social Media