Article Review

Crime policy and behavioural economics: an article review

The variety of posts of this blog is the proof that the potential applications of Behavioural Economics are plenty. The present article reviews a paper in which the author, Pickett (2018), illustrates some examples of its use for crime deterrence. The decision of committing a crime has been analysed in economic terms with a simple model where potential offenders evaluate the […]

Philosophy and Literature

What if free will was the only choice?

Evidence from the fields of behavioral economics and neuroeconomics shows that many cognitive biases influence people’s minds when they have to make choices. These unconscious but universally spread processes shape our brains and make us “Predictably Irrational” (as behavioral scientist Dan Ariely wrote). For this reason, “nudging” can act on our decision-making system and be positively […]

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Behavioural Insights and Crime: Part I

Violence against Women (VAW) When you think of BI and crime, shows like Criminal Minds and Mindhunter (both of which the author of this blog post highly recommends) come to mind. However, tackling VAW requires more than psycho-analysing perpetrators. This is because there are a multitude of other factors leading to the creation of a […]