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Can conspiracists be right?

Some conspiracies are, to a certain extent, fun. Take, for instance, the absurd claims that Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, is an illegitimate son of Fidel Castro. The story went viral in 2018. It was quite inconsequential, and it seems fair to say that most of the people sharing it didn’t take it too seriously. […]

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Behavioural insights into financial bubbles

Financial bubbles is one of the topics in economics that are intuitive to most people, except for economists. A financial, or speculative bubble, is characterized by a rapid increase in prices of an asset, without much consideration for its intrinsic value, followed by a burst, that is, a sudden reduction in prices. Seems simple enough, […]

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We all have that one prideful friend that just can’t admit they were wrong. But is it truly just pride? Research suggests that our ability to recall past predictions we’ve done may not be as good as we would like to believe [1][2]. So maybe your friend is not simply unable to admit they have […]