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Closing the racial gap in police forces

The racial gap in law enforcement has critical negative effects in terms of internal department dynamics and of interaction with policed communities. Closing this racial gap would ensure that the demographic of the police forces matches the demographic of the neighbourhoods they serve, consequently increasing their representativeness and improving their legitimacy. This lack of diversity is particularly critical in the United States, where Federal data collected from 467 local police departments showed that, between 2007 and 2016, more than two thirds of these departments became whiter with respect to […]

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Scaring the fish away: behavioral insights into talent recruitment

The job recruitment process is a game. Precisely, a signaling game with asymmetric information. Hoping for a perfect match, both the job seekers and the companies looking for new talent signal their attractiveness to each other. Neglecting the in between the lines signals that are conveyed in job advertisements can deter top candidates from applying and reduce the diversity of the company’s biggest asset – […]