Meet the Experts

Interview to Gaia Guarino: Neuromarketing

The Emotional Influence on Marketing The first guest of our series is Gaia Guarino, a professional neuromarketer with a dynamic personality and a contagious spirit for life.  Neuromarketing is an approach to marketing that implements the latest brain reading technology in order to gain greater clarity on why people make the consumption choices they do. However, our conversation with Gaia showed us […]

Everyday Life

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

What’s the story you tell yourself when you put on your #OOTD? The earliest records of human history show us homo sapiens fashionably adorned in some accessories or stylised clothing made from the materials around us. This is an anthropological phenomenon that spans cultures around the world. The relationship that we have with clothing has […]

Internal Meetings

Voting Behaviour

With the tumultuous state of the USA elections at the moment, our association has been focusing heavily on the theme of the voting behaviour Our first meeting of the semester took place on November 5th, two days after election night in the USA. The two days post elections has the world on its toes in […]

Business World

The rise of the gaming industry

In the classic economic model, the measure of utility is presumed to be the key to understanding agent’s decision-making. However, most factors concerning the study of utility are assumed to be exogenous. The emergence of the field of behavioural economics has sought to challenge that by drawing insights on the endogenous factors that affect that […]

Our Work

Your BE guide to Online Dating

In the 21st century, the chances of encountering fairy-tale romances are rare. That cute guy or girl you locked eyes with at the bar the other day fades into a distant memory as we become less likely to initiate contact with strangers. This attitude can be explained through understanding the conduct of the conscious brain. […]