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Interview to Gaia Guarino: Neuromarketing

The Emotional Influence on Marketing The first guest of our series is Gaia Guarino, a professional neuromarketer with a dynamic personality and a contagious spirit for life.  Neuromarketing is an approach to marketing that implements the latest brain reading technology in order to gain greater clarity on why people make the consumption choices they do. However, our conversation with Gaia showed us […]

Everyday Life

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

What’s the story you tell yourself when you put on your #OOTD? The earliest records of human history show us homo sapiens fashionably adorned in some accessories or stylised clothing made from the materials around us. This is an anthropological phenomenon that spans cultures around the world. The relationship that we have with clothing has […]

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The hidden power of stories: how narratives shape the world

Throughout the history of humankind, stories have always played an essential role: they shaped people’s traditions, defined their religious beliefs, gave birth to their common wisdom and their profound values. Perhaps most importantly, storytelling allowed  cultural heritage to be transmitted across generations through a series of alterations or exaggerations. Our daily lives are pervaded by […]